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Staff Directory

Contact Amy Ace  Amy Ace Grade 6
Contact Yvette Burleson  Yvette Burleson Counselor
Contact Jen Campbell  Jen Campbell Grade 4
Contact Ron Cannella  Ron Cannella Building Manager
Contact Kathryn Carlson  Kathryn Carlson Media Center
Contact Nancy Chabica  Nancy Chabica Grade 1
Contact Landra Decker  Landra Decker Kindergarten
Contact Kate Doane  Kate Doane Physical Education
Contact Jennifer Dorff  Jennifer Dorff Grade 5
Contact Lori Eick  Lori Eick ELD
Contact Abigail Gorab  Abigail Gorab Grade 4
Contact Linda Hackman  Linda Hackman Grade 2
Contact Lara Herholtz  Lara Herholtz Grade 3
Contact Rebecca Hildebrand  Rebecca Hildebrand Grade 3
Contact Jessica Jones  Jessica Jones Grade 1
Contact Kyle Kronmiller  Kyle Kronmiller Grade 5
Contact Carolyn Lawler  Carolyn Lawler Grade 6
Contact Susan Madden  Susan Madden Grade 2
Contact Brian Margrave  Brian Margrave Band
Contact Megan Mathias  Megan Mathias Elementary School Nurse
Contact Deanna McMullin  Deanna McMullin Grade 3
Contact Kari Merritt  Kari Merritt Art
Contact Ericka Miller  Ericka Miller Grade 1
Contact Brie Moon  Brie Moon Grade 5
Contact Darlene O'Hearn  Darlene O'Hearn Special Education
Contact Katrina Paige  Katrina Paige Interventionist
Contact Courtney Parker  Courtney Parker Kindergarten
Contact Stuart Rhodes  Stuart Rhodes ISS
Contact Amy Robinson  Amy Robinson Grade 6
Contact Becki Royall  Becki Royall Principal
Contact Kathy Rugh  Kathy Rugh Grade 4
Contact Nichole Seay  Nichole Seay Music
Contact Anna Smith  Anna Smith Special Education
Contact Cindy Smith  Cindy Smith Interventionist
Contact Rachel Stoller-Lee  Rachel Stoller-Lee Grade 2
Contact Timothy Trunnell  Timothy Trunnell Secretary
Contact Caroline Wyman  Caroline Wyman Kindergarten
Contact Susan Yoon  Susan Yoon Assistant Principal

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